Sunday, July 28, 2013

march 1st. 2013

i smelled you today. i thought maybe you were still on my shirt. you were not there.

-sujey lee

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

For the Bunnies.

Look into these eyes... and get mezmorized!

I have been raising these two dolls since they were barely a week old. So sick and so tiny. They fit in the palm of my hand and I have a small hand. I had to syring feed them milk and medicine three times a day. Their story is sad and not rare unfortunately. They were rescued from Santee Alley. A form of bunny trafficking...really. There are mother buns who are mated and pump out tiny babies who are then taken from their mothers as soon as they have fur...most of the bunnies have not even opened their eyes yet, but still are sold as "miniture bunnies." People will buy them, take them home and feed them carrots and lettuce only to have these beautiful babes die on them in about a week or so. This is happening now as you read this and it is not a pleasant death. I have seen that death and it is a memory I wish I could erase. To see a creature so small and so defenseless lose it's life for profit is horrible. Bunnies are a lot like human babies. They need milk for the first few months of their lives...they need their mothers...they need warmth...they need to build up their tiny little anitbodies and immune system before being taken away. They are delicate beings and it is unfortunate it is so easy to do this to them. So there it is.

The good news is that these two bunnies have had the proper care they need to make it...and I am very happy to say they are getting bigger and bigger each day. But it takes a lot of work and funds which are running a bit low. I am currently fostering these two love buns, but they need to see a vet. They also need to get fixed which is not cheap.

I am now reaching out...they need it. Please donate any amount you can so these two babes can make it to the vet, get fixed and get adopted! They deserve it.

I'll provide updates! And homemade greeting cards! Pictures and videos. They are so lovely so please help me help them. Thank you so much! Even if it was only to read about what is happening in Santee Alley. I appreciate it!

Read about what is going on in Santee Alley HERE.

Please donate below! All donations will go into the bunny vet fund and if you leave your address I will mail you homemade greeting cards and treasures as a big THANK YOU for helping out.

Thank you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

to get some good sleep tonight tiny bird you must sing soft and tuck in your wings.

the ghost of a fawn.

a fervent burst. with pockets of light reverberating against a suddenly soft gentle night. 
instant. like a tear. or coffee.
the universe had spoken to me. in hushed whispers under thick blankets. a bubble under water.

i had been unleashed so greatly out into the skies because i have seen her face.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


burning eyes kept shut due to a disturbance in the calm bed

without this

you think you would be unsafe but with this you are with constant bruises shaped as rings of love around your very visible long neck
something bubbles under a brute and foolish blanket

-Sujey Lee

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Collection of Reading Poets

My day is filled with these and needed to share.

Starting with my favorite of the day. already dedicated.

again anne sexton...

I hope this was enjoyed.

November 19th

November 19th was an anniversary I wish I did not have. I spent it alone in a hotel room in Kent,Ohio.

I can not remember what I ate. I barely spoke to anyone. No one knew.

In honor of that anniversary....

McAllister St.

“I am not ready for this,” I said looking like specks of dust on an over stuffed velvet chair. It is a deep crushing red, which makes us feel as if our eyes were smoking cigars. I have never smoked a cigar, but her smell seemed close enough.
She laughed with such force her head would pull back in uncontrolled waves. I can remember calling her crying when I felt lonely, but now I can only grasp at these tiny, fleeting images like ashes before me, and vanishing in my hand. I have no number to dial.
Separate, yet in the same strain she is string tangled around me and becoming legs. But my own legs have taken me running beside her through long belligerent hallways. Stopping in vacant rooms, breathing, and again towards the red light of the cold bathroom, towards the music from the broken record player. It was religious. Pasts and futures, mingling and heaving provided ghosts. We can still be found in the cracks along the floor and trapped in the newly painted walls.
There is something about you, I must say. Finding me in parks, with screams of my name, and high shrills of …...I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you too. You created a thick, sweet film around my bones.
In my dreams now your face looks like a collection of tiny shining points of light. I could color you in, in sections. Remember every hue. You have appeared as a mural on the side of a brick building, marvelously.

-Sujey Lee