Thursday, June 9, 2011

Judy Grahn

The most blonde woman in the world

The most blonde woman in the world
one day threw off her skin
her hair, threw off her hair, declaring
‘Whosoever chooses to love me
chooses to love a bald woman
with bleeding pores.’
Those who came then as her lovers
were small hard-bodied spiders
with dark eyes and an excellent
knowledge of weaving.
They spun her blood into long strands,
and altogether wove millions of red
webs, webs red in the afternoon sun.
‘Now,’ she said, ‘Now I am expertly loved,
and now I am beautiful.’

(from She Who, in love belongs to those who do the feeling

Red Hen Press, 2008)

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Judy Grahn, ca. 1972
© Lynda Koolish