Tuesday, July 29, 2008


URGENT: need your help - Impeachment Petition Deadline Midnight Wednesday

Dear Friends,

Because of your vigilance and support for democracy, last Friday was a day of singular importance in Washington. The House Judiciary Committee met to discuss the Bush Administration's abuse of executive power and for the first time the case for Impeachment was discussed in front of a Congressional committee, in depth, at length and with authority.

Twenty members of the Judiciary Committee attended the six-hour hearing, during which twelve witnesses, including myself and four members of Congress testified. In this hearing I called for the Impeachment of the President for misrepresenting a case for war.

This week I will present members of Congress with Impeachment petitions submitted by those of you who have signed the on-line impeachment form.

I need your help.
In the next few days we must redouble our efforts to get more signatures on the online petition at kucinich. us.
I'm asking each of you to please contact at least ten of your friends to go to www. Kucinich. us now and sign the Impeachment petition that will be delivered by me. Wednesday night is the deadline.

Please send out an email to all your friends and family, post this link, http://kucinich. us to your blogs and make this effort count as this is the only petition that I will deliver.

Sign the petition. Thank you so very much.

Signature - Dennis J Kucinich


Paid for by the Re-Elect Congressman Kucinich Committee

PO Box 110475 | Cleveland | OH | 44111 | 216-252-9000

if not for yourselves. do it for my cat

Thursday, July 10, 2008

life in berlin

© Sujey Lee

closer to home.

currently working on:
a collection of poetry and prose to finally publish.

wish me luck.

tune in.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Charles Bukowski and Korea.

It has been almost a month since I have visited this site. I have been away in Seoul. Above is a picture I took in the Changdeok Palace/Biwon Garden.

I miss it there. But in order to reconnect with my sick life in Los Angeles, I did what any self-deprecating lush would do; I picked up Charles Bukowski's, Tales of Ordinary Madness.

A lot of the stories have references to my neighborhood, making it an especially special read. And although it is seemingly misogynist, drunken, offensive, male hetero gab, I somehow am delighted in having some sort of obscure relation to the pieces. It is Bukowski and I love it. The stories are not very long;consisting of around 4 pages each.(so far) So I have been bouncing back and fourth, cutting up my main read with some of these stories.

and in the spirit of things a little poem:

An Almost Made Up Poem

I see you drinking at a fountain with tiny
blue hands, no, your hands are not tiny
they are small, and the fountain is in France
where you wrote me that last letter and
I answered and never heard from you again.
you used to write insane poems about
ANGELS AND GOD, all in upper case, and you
knew famous artists and most of them
were your lovers, and I wrote back, it’ all right,
go ahead, enter their lives, I’ not jealous
because we’ never met. we got close once in
New Orleans, one half block, but never met, never
touched. so you went with the famous and wrote
about the famous, and, of course, what you found out
is that the famous are worried about
their fame –– not the beautiful young girl in bed
with them, who gives them that, and then awakens
in the morning to write upper case poems about
ANGELS AND GOD. we know God is dead, they’ told
us, but listening to you I wasn’ sure. maybe
it was the upper case. you were one of the
best female poets and I told the publishers,
editors, “ her, print her, she’ mad but she’
magic. there’ no lie in her fire.” I loved you
like a man loves a woman he never touches, only
writes to, keeps little photographs of. I would have
loved you more if I had sat in a small room rolling a
cigarette and listened to you piss in the bathroom,
but that didn’ happen. your letters got sadder.
your lovers betrayed you. kid, I wrote back, all
lovers betray. it didn’ help. you said
you had a crying bench and it was by a bridge and
the bridge was over a river and you sat on the crying
bench every night and wept for the lovers who had
hurt and forgotten you. I wrote back but never
heard again. a friend wrote me of your suicide
3 or 4 months after it happened. if I had met you
I would probably have been unfair to you or you
to me. it was best like this.

Charles Bukowski

August 16, 1920 – March 9, 1994