Monday, March 31, 2008

in the beginning.....

This body is no longer mine. Some thing foreign has taken over and I have to sit here and comply with its obscene wishes. Sometimes, most often it is hard to wake up. This year I have become afraid of the dark. I tend to get cold easily and the cold makes me highly uncomfortable and very irritable. Stillness. ‘Just be still’ I continually whisper under my breath.

It comes in the morning when I have the day as my own. Sometimes.

The sun shone right through the piece of cheap fabric I covered my window with. The warm breeze hit the fabric softly. The torn edges danced before me as I tried to inhale the morning. All of a sudden a crisp sound from a sharp blue sky. A bird. The first chirps of the morning slid into me like a hot razor. Those chirps could have been the first chirps to have been ever “chirped.”

This day was brand new. Still in plastic in a box surround by styrofoam peanuts.

Written by Sujey Lee

© Sujey Lee