Saturday, November 28, 2009

live journal

December 8th, 2003

11:42 am - i forgot about it here...sometimes i forget alot
so....what happens now?

here i am....myself again. almost at an instant.
got off the plane and greeted by a shocking amount of voicemail and phone calls.

got here safe>?

home yet?

when do i see you?

how do you like the snow?

ive missed you.

smiles and smiles and smiles. more smiles as i stepped into puddles and slipped and slid all over the sidewalks.
almost forgot how to walk in the snow. almost forgot how to cross the streets and on what street cinderella falafel was on.
almost forgot how beautiful it is this time...and how amazing the people look.

the smell of the subway..and the little mice found crawling in and out of the tracks.

forgot the feeling of being crowded...always...but then you finding yourself on some cold and lonely street..and you are alone again...a walk through the park.

a phone call saying he will be where do you go? the L always takes a while. he is coming from greenpoint...i give him 30 mins.

easy...that little bar on 7th st and 1st ave. the one by the market and the neon lights.

she wasnt surprised to see me.
her hair had gotten longer. she gave me that face she always does and took my hands. warmed them up real good.
and kept on talking to that man. she is always talking to someone. and its always something interesting. and i just stood there looking at her the way i do.
finally...i get to have my jojo.
then a good kiss on the forehead and some talk.

what will you be drinking.

cranberry juice

no way..i see san francisco has changed my lil susu

no. im just trying not to drink too much..and its early jo.

that face.
a smile.
and more talk.

just move back.just move back. justmove back.
damn it all...i dont know what to do.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KP Poetry Journal Volume 1

Kunstprojects "Oh, Don't Get Carried Away" is first of a series of Berlin Based Journals, compiled and edited by artist Declan Rooney and featuring commissioned work from:

Are Blytt

Stefano Calligaro

Hsiao Chen

Sujey Lee Colon

Drawing Guts

Edward Eke

Edvine Larssen

Thurston Moore

Donata Rigg

Ama Saru

Antonio Serna

Susanne Winterling

Limited Edition of 200
Black and White Photocopied Zine
29.5 x 21cms
5.00 euros (excluding postage and packaging)

To order please contact: